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Seven Steps To Recovery -
1. Tell someone. A family member, teacher, guidance counselor, friend, pet, stray cat, me, anyone. Let it out.
2. Accept yourself. Your flaws, attributes, qualities and habits all make up your beautiful soul, respect all of these things.
3. If unhappy, change. Change your personality, your routine, your appearance, your setting, your friends, your school, your job; do this safely and you will be happier. The grass most definitely is greener. If it’s not, go back, nothing is permanent.
4. Express yourself. Be musical, artistic, spiritual, intelligent, kind; you already have the potential to be all of those things, don’t let anxieties or insecurities hold you back.
5. Remove toxicity. Anyone who triggers you, degrades you, offends you, pisses you off, is not worth your company, energy or time. Surround yourself with beautiful people, realise the things you have in common are the very things you find them beautiful for; this is how you will learn to love yourself. Never compare.
6. Dream for the future. Plan roadtrips with friends, explore possible routes for education, think of potential careers and how to get there. Gain experience, see the world and appreciate the moments we spend. Remember that you can retake exams.
7. Welcome convalescence. It’s okay to be afraid of recovery, but never repel it. Picture what life will be like without illness; remember that this is possible. Never give up. It’s fucking hard, I’ll give you that, but it’s so worth it in the end. Take care. By (via unpeacefully)

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okay, storytime. At a group sleepover, there’s this girl, the most innocent thing you’ve ever met, k? She nods off on the couch early on in the night. As everyone’s getting ready to play cards, one of my friends lean back and hears her mumbling in her sleep.

My friend motions for everyone to be quiet. The girl snuggles her blanket, smiles, and in the sweetest voice, says, “Go on, Brandon. You can jump. It’s only 30 stories.”

My cousin sleep talks and sleepwalks and we used to sleep in the same bed when we stayed at my grandmother’s house and I have SO MANY STORIES. She’s the kind of sleeptalker who you can say things to once she gets going and she’ll respond and it’s so damn fun.

My little brother sleeptalks too, but only occasionally. We haven’t been sleeping in the same room for a while, but when we did I got things from “SERENA I’M SO HUNGRY” to “OH MY GOD WHERE ARE YOU?! WHERE IS EVERYONE?!”
Good thing is that when you tell him to shut up and go to sleep, he usually goes “Oh. Okay.” and then does.

Okay okay so when I was younger I was sleeping in my sister’s bed because I had a nightmare and she gets out of bed, goes to the kitchen, picks up a packet of ham, brings it back, throws it on the bed and tells me it’s my lunch for work. Then she goes back to sleep. A bit later she sits up and asks why I’m still awake, I tell her I can’t sleep, we have a whole conversation about her sleep talking and then she snores and falls back. Turns out she was asleep the entire time. Then she wakes up and we have the exact same conversation. Sleep talkers are amusing.

According to my friend, I once sat up and said “No, that will never do. I have to rewrite the entire thing you fuckass.” and then I laid back down and slept some more.

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Hyperrealistic Portraits Using Acrylic Paint by  JW-Jeong

(Joongwon Charles Jeong) on deviantART

Joongwon (Charles) Jeong is a hyperrealist painter from South Korea. A freelance artist and illustrator, Jeong studied Visual Communication Design at the Hongik University of Fine Art & Design in Seoul.

Jeong’s preferred medium is acrylic on canvas which he says is so versatile and its effect ranges from “thick, oil-like texture to watercolour splashes.”

With solo and group exhibitions in Seoul, Jeong is also quite popular online, especially on deviantART and Facebook where you can see much more of his incredible work.

Jeong lists his favourite artists as: Michleangelo, Titian, Holbein, Norman Rockwell, Sebastian Kruger, James Gurney, and Drew Struzan


This is over whelming

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24 Pictures That Prove Pit Bulls Are Nothing but Big Softies

Such dangerous beasts…

Pit bulls were originally bred to be nanny dogs.. that was even their title until people started breeding them to fight.

It’s literally owners that make these sweet animals dangerous. If they train them to fight, that’s literally the only reason the animal is dangerous. The breed is now considered dangerous because people have trained them to be. But they’re literally freakin sweeties